Duration: 2:29 min

Unconditional Love – Does it Exist?

Is what we think as love a mere arrangement and relationship? What really is love? Sadhguru tells us that love can only be unconditional, because it is not dependent on the other person. It something you experience within yourself.

What most people call love today is little more than a mutual benefit scheme. Love is an unconditional sweetness of emotion. When you manage, to make the emotional dimension of you into a very sweet process, as this is very important to do, because emotions can very easily get nasty. It could become resentment, anger, hatred, and become destructive both to oneself and others. So it’s extremely important that one works towards making one’s emotion sweet or pleasant. If your emotions are pleasant, whatever you look upon, whatever you behold, there is a certain sense of love. Well, people may be misunderstanding relationships as love. Love is what you experience. Love is what you are. Relationships are what you do. You don’t do love, you experience love. For this you just need to work upon making the emotional dimension of who you are in your pleasant process. If your emotions are pleasant the various ups and downs that happen to us, the many upheavals that all of us face in our lives will leave you untouched because you have sweetness of emotion. This is why devotion is considered the highest way to be, because this means you have mastered your emotion in such a way that it is always pleasant. So, let us not mistake love as a transaction. A relationship is a transaction. There are needs to fulfill: physical, psychological, emotional, social, maybe economic, various needs. To fulfill these needs we may form variety of relationships, but love is the way you are it’s not about what you do.


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