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Utter this sound to cure bad and distorted dreams, ADHD and many other benefits


Sound aum has innumerable benefits. If you are suffering from excessive fear, distorted dreams, bad dreams, nightmares, unstable mind, unstable body. If your general constitution is weak, you tend to fall sick too often. Particularly children, if they have attention disorders, daily utterance of aum for a few minutes a day will make a enormous difference for you. If you have problems that you are unable to do anything with a certain resolve in your life, daily utterance of aum will be truly transformational for you. Within a couple of weeks you can notice a phenomenal difference in the way you function. Even today, if anybody comes here with any kind of psychological disturbances, the first prescription is always aum. You do this for a few weeks, you settle down and then we go into other aspects. I can show you hundreds of people for whom, medically it was believed that they have to be in psychiatric medication for the rest of their life, have completely walked out of the need for medication simply by uttering aum. When aum reverberates, it starts from just beneath the navel and ends at the tip of your nose. You open your mouth and say aa, gently close your mouth it becomes oo, you close it it becomes mm. Now these three sounds, aa, oo and mm, are referred to as the basic sounds or the universal sounds. Because these three sounds are the basis of all the other sounds that you cannot tell. Suppose you did not have a tongue, what are the sounds you cannot tell? You can do aa, you can do oo, you can do mm. Try any other sound. Someone who is unable to speak, a mute person who is unable to speak, what are the sounds that he makes? Aa, oo, mm. Because these three sounds do not need the use of your tongue. If you remove your tongue, you’re able to make only three sounds. Aa, oo, mm. If you utter these three sounds together, what do you get? It’s not oh. So these are the three basic sounds which are the very basis of all the other sounds that you cannot tell. So aum is known as the universal sound or the basic sound in the creation.

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