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Wearing black clothes can cause psychological issues


Colour as we know it, colour as our visual apparatus know it, is only a certain breakdown of the white light. Something looks red not because it is red. Because, of the entire spectrum of colours which exist in the white light, it holds back everything and reflects only red, or in other words what it rejects becomes its colour. That means the perception is completely wrong. You think something is red, it’s everything except red. And you think it’s red because it’s reflecting red light only, rest it’s holding back. So something is white because it’s reflecting everything as it is. So, if you move about in areas and spaces and situations where you have no control over what happens around you. Always white was suggested, if you walked out, white. Because you don’t know what’s happening, you don’t know what’s happening in the world around you, you don’t know what’s happening in whose mind, what thoughts, what emotions people carry. So white gives you a certain protection because it reflects everything. Not just the light, the very energy. Black absorbs everything. If you’re in a space where you want to absorb what is around you, you must wear black. But if you wear black in a place where you don’t want to absorb, but you wear because you look slimmer, then you will start accumulating all kinds of things. I would. It’s a very unpopular thing to say. I would ascribe at least 20 to 25% of psychological struggles that people go through to remaining in black clothes for long periods of time in all kinds of situations where they should not be. People are wearing black for mourning. When somebody’s dead, black is one thing you should never wear. If there is death around you, you must always wear white because you don’t want to absorb that kind of energy. But I see everybody is wearing black when there is death, complete misunderstanding of life or no awareness at all. You’ve just arrived at things intellectually. So if there’s anything that you don’t want to absorb, you must wear white. All the other colours are in between play. But it is between black and white. White means complete reflection, black means no reflection. In between is selective reflection. That’s for fun. But where we want to really absorb something, we wear black. Where we want to reflect, then you wear white.

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