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Wearing ring on thumb attracts occult forces

Is it true that one attracts occult forces by wearing a ring on the thumb? Sadhguru explains the science behind this, and why wearing a ring on your thumb can spin your life into a bad tizzy. Sadhguru also explains the significance of wearing a ring on the ring finger.

You are getting me into an area that usually I would like to avoid. Because I generally don’t want to talk about anything that is not yet in your experience. Because if I speak about something which is not in your experience, what is the choice you have? The only choice you have is either to believe me or to disbelieve me. If you believe me it doesn’t get you any closer to truth. If you disbelieve me it doesn’t get you any closer to truth. Yes? You’re still in the same spot but you have a fancy story going. This is the mistake that’s always been done. People are constantly talking about things that are not in your experience. But now the question is, is there such a thing – I’m wearing a ring on my thumb, why are they asking me to take it off? So this human body is a mechanism. You may be too attached and identified with it, so you’re not seeing it that way. But it’s actually a mechanism, isn’t it? Yes? This mechanism has come with many possibilities. As I said, in yoga we are seeing this body as a ladder to the divine. If you know how to keep this, this is a phenomenal mechanism. Right now we are using it in a very minimal way. Very, very minimal way. So wearing a ring on your thumb – what would it do? It can attract certain types of forces to your body which you may not be able to handle. It can just get your life in a tizzy. If you happen to go to certain places, if you attract certain types of forces, it can get your whole life into a bad tizzy. Because the moment you have metal on your thumb, they all assume that you want them. So if you, if you attach an antenna from your brain up, every damn radio station that’s going on in California, you have to bear with it. Now if you don’t want to hear all this, you have to pull off the antenna, isn’t it? This is just like that. Metal has a certain receptivity about it. A certain impact about it. So it is used in certain ways. So it was always fixed that you must wear a ring upon your ring finger. Everywhere in the world this was fixed as a ring finger. You think it’s by accident? It is not by accident. This ring finger, from here to here, the whole physical universe is right here. This is like the mouse of your computer. If you just do this, from here to here, you can take yourself from one dimension to another. You can, you can literally do everything that you want in this body, just with your ring finger. And not just with yours, with everybody else’s bodies here. You can do what you want, just through your ring finger. There’s a whole science in yoga about the ring finger. The ring finger is considered as the key to everything that you are. So fixing the ring on the ring finger became important. Because that’s a simple way of ensuring the stability of the system. If you put any metal on the ring finger the system remains very stable.


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