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What are my duties in this life?


You have no duty in this world. You can do whatever you want. Only thing is, whatever you do, there is a consequence. Whatever the consequence, if you are willing to joyfully take the consequence, do whatever you want. But if the consequence is unpleasant, you are going to cry. If you are that kind, control the action. It’s as simple as that. So is it right or wrong? That’s not the thing. Every action will produce a certain kind of consequence in our lives. If you can handle any kind of consequence joyfully, do whatever you please. But when things go wrong or when things become unpleasant, you are going to suffer. If that is your case, then you must, you know, regulate the activity that you perform. So when would duty come in? If you do something for your child, it’s a joy. If you do something for the child on the streets, it’s your duty that you’re fulfilling. When heart is barren, when your heart is bereft of love, then only you can perform duty. There is no need to do any duty in this world because the duty will bring boredom to everybody and burdensomeness to you. If you are in an inclusive state of experience, every opportunity you get to do something is wonderful for you. To the limits you will do whatever you can do. Is it your duty? It is not your duty. It is your life. Because right now these flowers, are they all looking pretty and performing their duty for you? I’m asking. You think they’re all performing duty? Because they’re all looking pretty and looking at you. Some time ago I just wrote one four line poem. Let me tell you. I saw a flower, thought it was giving, on closer look realized it’s just living. Everything in the existence, you are supposed to become a full-fledged life. If you become a full-fledged life, everything that you do will be useful for everybody around you and everything around you. Instead of becoming a full-fledged life, you’re trying to pretend with duty, with morality, with ethic and all kinds of things. You’re trying to imitate life, you’re trying to imitate a good life. It’s not going to work.

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