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What is Health – as per modern medicine


So about health. The fundamental mistake that modern medicine systems have made is, kind of absolutism about health. That, this is health, this is not health. Now they tell you, your whatever, whatever chemistry. Blood chemistry must be this, this, and this. Then you’re healthy. Believe me, most of you or many of you, may fit into those parameters and still not be healthy. Because, health is a certain reverberance, it’s not an absolutism. You may be perfectly healthy right now. In 10 minutes, you may not be. If certain things happen in the system. Well, 10 minutes may look too much. By this evening, you may not be healthy, it’s possible. It’s very much possible. This idea that you can define health as, this is it, and you define it in chemical parametres and say, this, this, this, you’re healthy. No. Many things can fluctuate within the system, without you being unhealthy. Or many things can be stable, without you being healthy.

Physical Health

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