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What is Success and how to be successful?


If your idea of success is you’re doing little better than your neighbour, I call that sickness. That is not success. You are happy that your neighbour is worse than you. Is this sickness or success? It is sickness. But, in some way you feel fulfilled with what you’re doing. Let’s consider that as success for now. It doesn’t matter whether you’re better than somebody or worse than somebody. That question should not even come up in your mind. But in some way you feel you’re using yourself fully and there’s a certain sense of fulfillment in your activity. It doesn’t matter whether somebody thinks you’re worthwhile or not, you feel you’re a worthwhile life. Good enough for now. World may not recognize, it doesn’t matter. But you know you’re worthwhile. So what does success look like? What does it take? You must understand, those who made any significant achievements in their life, who’ve been very successful either in music, sport, art, business, spiritual process, doesn’t matter what. Those people never know when they ate, when they slept, when they got afternoon rest. I have not seen such a thing in my life. So, those who are committed to being successful with whatever they are doing, one important aspect of their life is, they’re not settling down wherever it’s a bit comfortable. This is happening. In your school, maybe later in your university, later in your work, it’s happening to people. Maybe not everyone but a whole lot of people. Their commitment to success is weak. They want to succeed, they will take three steps, then something little interesting happens here, they will go away here, they’ll go away there, they’ll go with it. Hey, I want to live. Their commitment to success is weak. Either situations around them in some way, you know situations can impede you from doing what you’re doing very easily. Many times it happens to everyone. But when this happens people weaken their commitment for their success. Maybe physically they’ll feel little weak, they will weaken their commitment to success. Maybe their emotions slosh around a little bit, they will weaken their commitment to success. So our commitment to success should not weaken because there is social drama going on, or physiological drama, or psychological drama. Whatever happens your commitment to success should not weaken. That is what gets you across so many lines in our life, so many barriers in our life.


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