Duration: 2:16 min

What is the key to success – Confidence or Clarity?


Ultimately, whatever, whatever you wish to do in your life, how much clarity do you have is all there is, isn’t it? About anything. Yes or no? If you don’t have clarity, you will try to make it up with confidence. Confidence is a very poor substitute for clarity. It’s like there’s a busy highway, vehicles are moving at a fast pace, your vision is not clear, you bring confidence. You can refer to your horoscope. You know you have a horoscope? You can refer to your horoscope and say my horoscope says, I live for 90 years, nothing is going to happen to me, and just cross. You may make it or use one of your slogans which will bring you confidence. You can say Jai Shri Ram, you can say Love Akhbar, Hail Mary, whatever you want, whatever works for you. Loudly shout the slogan and run across. It may work. Just by sure chance or because of the compassion of some driver. But every day if you try it, we know where to pick you up. One day you can make it with confidence. So confidence is not a substitute for clarity. If you want to do anything successfully, you must have clarity, isn’t it?

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