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What is the right place to meditate?


How significant is the place or the location where we do meditation? Well, there’s a problem in this question. If I say yes, there will be trouble. If I say no, there will be trouble. So it’s yes and no. Yes because of course different places are geared in different ways. Some places are created for certain purposes. If you go sit in the Dhyanalinga, you will see that that’s engineered for that. But another way of looking at it is, either you can go in search of significant places or you can make any place significant. I feel the second option is good. But, for that, your presence should become significant. Your presence being significant means, it’s a simple arrangement. You have three dimensions of yourself right now. It can be further divided but basically you have a physical body, you have a psychological structure of thought and emotion, and you have an energy body. All these three dimensions are pervaded by certain karmic content. Depending upon this karmic content, your body behaves in one way, your mind behaves in another way, your energies behave another way. For the same situations, different people behave differently. All dimensions. Body behaves differently, mind behaves differently, energies behave differently. Now, in a way what we are looking at right from the basic Shambhavi Mudra practice, what we are looking at is to rearrange them in such a way. The first thing is always life energy, the most dominant force in your life is not your body. Because if body is a dominant force, it will do its own little compulsive things and that’s all it can do. If mind is the most dominant thing, most of the time you don’t know what the hell you’re doing. All right? You’ll always be thinking of freedom and imitating the society in which you live. That’s all that will happen. Yes. Either you will be imitating it or you will be reacting to it. Both ways you’re a slave to what is around you because this is what the mind will do. So you have to arrange yourself in such a way, your life or your life energy is the first thing in your life. This is the most dominant thing. Your body and your mind are minor things. If this one thing happens, then space doesn’t matter. Wherever you sit, it’s fine. Wherever you sit, it’s a significant place because your life has become significant. Significance of life when I say, I’m not talking in terms of social terms. How significant you are in this world, that’s not the point. As a life you become significant. Only when you become significant as a life, then you’ll see it doesn’t matter what you do. Whatever you do is still worthwhile.


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