Duration: 2:13 min

What is the root cause of fear?

Mixing up memory and imagination is the root cause of fear. Sadhguru tells us that the modern education system is one of the reasons for this.

Fear means to suffer what may or may not happen in the future. It is a consequence of mixing up your memory, your present experience, and your imagination. Due to the sort of education that we are propagating right now, there is no discipline in education systems to bring a certain amount of clarity as to what is memory, what is present experience, and what is imagination of the future. When these things get mixed up, unnecessary suffering and fear is one consequence of that. It’s extremely important that when we have been given or endowed with such a magnificent mind, a mind which is capable of incredible things, which is our greatest strength and the greatest miracle on the planet. Unfortunately education systems are not focusing on the nature of how to access this mind, how to sort this mind in such a way that it will work at its best and above all work for your well-being and everybody’s well-being. Fear is the basis of a whole lot of violence and conflict upon the planet. If only this imaginary process of generating fear is relieved in human minds, the world would be definitely a better place. And above all you would be a wonderful human being. Namaskaram.


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