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Who is God? Where is God?


Where is god, tell me? How is god, tell me? This is not a question. This is a social debate that is going on. A question means a question should come from not knowing, wanting to go to knowing isn’t it? That’s what a real question is, isn’t it so? A genuine question means, it is one thing to move from not knowing to knowing. That’s what. A question is a device to move from not knowing to knowing. If one does not know the fundamentals of who he is, that is not a simple problem. That is a very, very deep problem, isn’t it? Most basic, most fundamental and ultimate. Because whatever you do in your life, if you do not know the very basis of who you are, it’s just utter nonsense, the whole life, isn’t it? Isn’t it so? If one does not know the very fundamentals of who he is, that means you are declaring, when you ask where is god, what is god, did you experience god, did you know god. When you ask these questions, you are telling to yourself that my life is utter nonsense, a to z. Everything in my life is utter nonsense. Maybe the impact of that realization has not sunk into you yet. It should. You must know the pain of not knowing. Then you cannot be here without knowing. You have to know. Once such a situation comes, such a burning comes within you that you cannot sleep one day without knowing, it’s not far away because what you’re trying to know is within you. If you burn with the longing to know, what you want to know is sitting up in the heaven, that would be a difficulty. If you burn wanting to know, if wanting to know burns you, it is immediate because it’s right here. Anyway let’s start from your beliefs and whatever you believe in, whatever your understanding is, from that. Because we can only go from where you are. They have always told you god is everywhere. Is that so? Or even if they have not told you, whichever religion, whichever culture, they have told you this. But even if they have not told you, from your own intelligence, if you look at it you can see. If there is something called god, it has to be everywhere. Yes? If I can lock him up in my temple and come, he’s no good to you. Isn’t it so? So if there is something called as god, it’s got to be everywhere. If it’s everywhere, it needs to be here also, there also, there also, there also.

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