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Why are Thyroid problems on the rise?


Sadhguru, these days many people are diagnosed with thyroid problems, hyper or hypothyroidism. Even though we are consuming iodized salt, still thyroid problems are occurring. What is the cause of the increase in these problems? Stress related, like diabetes or hypertension? There’s pretty, pretty widespread manifestation of thyroid imbalance. See we must understand this. What you’re calling as thyroid, in yoga we don’t look at the glands like that. But medically what you’re calling as thyroid is that secretion within you which is trying to calibrate your system on a daily basis. It’s just calibrating. How much digestion should happen, how much energy should be produced, how much fat should be produced, how much muscle should be built, everything. It’s trying to calibrate your physical structure. Your physical structure is very closely related to your psychological structure. Today there is substantial evidence to show you that if you sit here and think of the mountain, your glandular function will happen in a certain way. If you think about a tiger, it will happen another way. You think about an ocean, it will happen another way. You think of a man or a woman, it will happen another way. Just a thought. Nothing. No contact with mountain, no contact with tiger, no contact with man, woman or ocean. Just a thought will fluctuate the glandular function. I’m saying that is how fine the system is that it is trying to calibrate everything to keep you in a good place. The thyroid, it’s easily noticeable. The first thing your physiological and psychological parameters get thrown off a bit simply because disturbance. And another dimension is, what’s the disturbance that’s happening from within you? Your own psychological patterns. Another dimension of disturbance is, what kind of food is getting into you? There is no way you can eat anything today, which is not chemically infested. If you’re eating very organic food, little organic chemicals they’re using. It’s come to that place. It’s very difficult to eat something that’s just grown in the wild forest, you can pluck out something and eat. That’s very, very little not even a small percentage of people are capable of eating that anymore. It’s all from the marketplace. One of the main reasons is, human beings are becoming less and less active as technology grows. In a day, on an average, average human being, how much activity, physical activity, they used to perform in the past, previous generations of people and how much physical activity all of us are performing right now is abysmally low. With such a low level of activity, keeping the balance in the system is difficult.

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