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Why do we fear Death?


See right now, why there is so much fear is the substance of your life is only in your clothes, your jewels, your education, a few people that you gathered around you. That’s all the substance of your life is. All these things can be taken away from you any moment, isn’t it? This is the only thing which is giving you solidity. Yes? That little bit of education, your clothes, your jewels, your bank balance, a few people around you, this is all that is giving you some sense of solidity of being a being. This is not a being, this is a patch up job. So, with such petty blocks when you build a building, naturally you should be very worried when it’ll collapse. Now instead of using a stone block for this column, if I use the twig, definitely I’ll be always worried when it’ll collapse in my head, isn’t it? Isn’t it so? That’s your worry, that’s your fear. Because you’re trying to build your life with twigs. Not with solid material, not with reality, with illusory things. Always you will live in fear, there is no other way to live. It’s time you build some, you bring something more substantial into your life. If you bring something more substantial, then suddenly you find, you sit here everything is fine. Life or death, still it is fine. That’s how it’ll be. A very beautiful story. Buddha, on the last day of his life. He always had a breakfast of rice gruel in the morning. And after this breakfast was over, he always met the monks who were around him and every day he said, if you have a question, you ask. This went on for 40 years. 40 years of his enlightened life, every day after breakfast he spoke. Whoever was there. 10 people, 10,000 people. Whatever number. After breakfast he always sat down and spoke. So on the last day of his life, he knows this is the last day. He had his rice gruel and he sat down and he said, today is the last day. If you have anything to ask, ask. So many of the monks started crying. He said, what are you crying? At least some other day if you were crying, it’s okay. Today is the last day, don’t waste the time. Because it’s ticking away. Some other day you could cry and roll and you had time for all those things. Today if you want to ask something, you ask. He was surprised that people are crying. But master, we have been with you for so long, you’re leaving today and they’re crying, nobody’s asking any questions. He said stop this nonsense, ask some question. Today’s the last day, any doubt, let’s clear it. After that there is only teaching, nobody to clear this and that. See with every teaching you can get into a mess. When the master is alive constantly is de-entangling you. Afterwards no de-entangling, just sadhana is all that is there. So today is the last day, if you want to ask any questions please ask. He’s just matter of fact about it. He’s lived well. When death comes, he will die well. He is so certain that he’ll die well.


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