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Why does Sadhguru wear a turban?


If somebody reaches a state where his energies are really bursting out of his head, if you activate the two chakras which are above the physical body, if those two chakras become active in someone, then we will not shave. In fact, we would like to grow it and tie it up just above that so that it is protected and nurtured. If you don’t have enough hair, we will use cloth. You think I’m bandaged or something? Just in my leg, but. So if there is not enough hair, then you have to use something else. But you will need that, otherwise there will be. Once the two chakras above the physical body are on, it’s a phenomenal possibility but it also makes your physical body little fragile. It tends to draw more than it should and this is the reason a lot of yogis die before they’re 35. Because once they attain to a certain level of energy, if they don’t know all the different aspects of the body, if they do not understand the mechanics of how the human system functions, if you do not understand all the tricks of the creator. In how many ways he’s made this so complex and sophisticated. Because sophistication is not just to make it complicated. Sophistication means there are more possibilities than simplistic machine. This is a highly sophisticated machine. So once the energies have topped off, then it needs to be protected. If you have thick long hair, that could be made use of, it’s a natural garment. If you don’t have or if you’re afraid you will lose your hair, then you dreadlock it. You know the dreadlocks? You’ve seen in saadhu, sanyasis it can be done. I won’t tell you how because if you start going around with dreadlocks, that will not be good. There is a way to get your hair into a dreadlock. So you do that. Or, if you don’t have that much hair, then you use something else. Garment or a cloth comes in handy.


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