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Why for many people every age is a problem?


Every age is a problem. No, no I’m talking about the ages. Stone age was a problem, iron age was a problem, bronze age is a problem, computer age, serious problem. Isn’t it so? Middle ages are serious problems, modern age is immense problem, teenage, another problem. I hope you had a normal birth and, you were born normally? So if you were born normally, you were born like this and slowly grew up and somebody counted your age and you also passed through 13, 14, 15, which you are referring to as teen. This is just a certain developmental stage like an infancy, like childhood, like adult, like adolescence. Adulthood, old age, middle age, whatever. These are all different. We’re trying to segment it, but essentially this is a physical journey of a body. Tell me one phase of your life which is not really a problem. Some are suffering infancy problems, some are suffering toddler problems, some are suffering childhood problems, some are suffering teenage problems, some are going through middle age problems, some are going through old age problems, some have transcended all problems. Yes? If you look at it in this context, every phase of life is a problem. Then death is the only solution. If you look at every aspect of life as a problem, what is the solution? Death is the only solution. Now, the moment you identify every phase of life as a problem, unconsciously you start seeking death. Please know this. For yourself and those around you. You do not know this but you are creating an ecosystem in your mind where the solution is to be free from all this. You came here to experience life. Instead of calling these different facets of life, you’re calling it different problems that you have.

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