Duration: 3:24 min

Why is human life so complicated? What is the solution?


Once you came here as a human being, life got a little complicated. If you came here like any other creature on this planet, stomach full, life settled. Once you come here as a human being, stomach empty – only one problem, stomach full – 100 problems. So what we’re calling as life here is just a certain combination of time and energy. This combo of time and energy, unfortunately, majority of the people never learn to handle it seamlessly and wonderfully. Hitch after hitch, everything is a problem. If you’re a toddler, you have diaper problems. If you become an adolescent, you have hormonal problems. If you become middle aged, there is a crisis. Old age is horrible. Every phase of life, people are seeing it as some kind of a problem. Of course, death is a serious problem. So this combination of time and energy. We must understand the nature of what we’re handling. Time, by its own nature, is such you do something it rolls. If you don’t do something, it rolls. You don’t have to push your damn side. Hello? As you’re sitting here, it’s rolling away. You’re doing a lot of things, it’s rolling away. You do nothing, it rolls away. You’re awake, it rolls away. You’re asleep, it rolls away. But without having mastery over time, nobody can determine the nature of their destiny in their lives. How to grab time? People are talking about time management. Have you ever managed time? As you sit here, it’s ticking away. And what’s sticking away is not a clock, what’s sticking away is our life itself. Hello? Since I walked in, you’re two minutes closer to your grave. Yes you are. Me too. This is the nature of time. Whatever you do, do not do, do anything you want, but you’re not able to roll it back. It is only rolling forward. It is just that if you are happy, it seems to tick away very fast. If you are miserable, it goes very slowly for you.

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