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Why you must dispose off a dead persons clothes


You don’t die in one day. You die slowly. Till udhana exists, there are tantric processes with which you could revive the body. The physical life energy which generally is referred to as pran, or prana, has five basic manifestations. There are ten but that’ll complicate it. Five basic manifestations. These are called samahana, prana, udhana, apana and vyana. Let’s say if a doctor is observing and they declare that person, at a particular moment, that he’s dead now. In the next 21-24 minutes, samahana will start exiting. That means samahana is incharge of maintaining temperature in the body. First thing that starts happening is body starts cooling down. So samahana exits at that time. Somewhere between 48-64 minutes, prana exits. After that, between 6-12 hours, udhana exits. Till udhana exists, there are tantric processes with which you could revive the body. The next thing is apana. Somehwere between 8-18 hours this exits. The vyana, which is the preservative nature of prana, will start exiting from beyond that. It can continue to exit upto 11-14 days, if it’s a normal death. Today, you know, that from your old clothing we can take your DNA. After you’re gone, after 100 years we can clone you. Yes? Yes or no? You know? So who you are, at least the physicality of who you are, can be picked up from your clothes. When someone dies, depending upon who he is, accordingly these things must be handled. In today’s world, when people have gathered enough clothing for three lifetimes, enough footwear for ten lifetimes, burning all that would be sheer waste. At least those things which are very closely, intimately involved with the body, like their underclothes and other things must be burnt. They must be burnt. Either they immediately wash it. In India if there are expensive clothes, they will wash all the clothes. Within the first 10 days, or 11 days, they’ll wash it and distribute it to many places, not to one place. You don’t take all your clothes and give it to one family. You make sure the jacket goes here, trousers go there, that goes there, this goes there. So that it gets too spread out to make any significance. Significant presence is not there. Otherwise, all the things which are intimately with the body, just burn it. One of these things must be done. Either you must give it away across the fifty states so that the old man does not remain confused as to where to go. Or just burn it up.


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