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Wind Bath: Cleanse Your Aura

Not just water bath! One can take a #windbath too. Sadhguru explains the right way of taking a wind bath, and its benefits in cleansing the Aura.

For cleansing of the aura, an ocean breeze or on top of a mountain peak is the best, always. Because it is coming with least amount of turbulence, it’s coming on a flat surface, without any choppiness to it. When i say choppiness to it, if you see a boat going in the water it leaves a wake. Initially you can see it, after some time you cannot see it. But if you go with another boat, cross it, it gets thrown around, because the wake is still there. So, if the air is moving on the land surface, particularly in cities and wherever, where there are many, all kinds of obstructions, the amount of wake it’s creating is quite big. Instead of calling it a wake, let’s say the amount of turbulence it’s creating is quite big. That air doesn’t help much. But you just go sit there on the beach, let’s say it’s breezy, steadily breezy one day, not cyclonic. You sit there and suddenly you come home and you feel like, what’s this life all about, it’s just just. Just want to be there. All this activity, you don’t want to look at your phone, not mail. Suddenly there’s a certain completeness about you. Simply because you can purify your aura. Just you can air clean yourself.

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