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You must do this at least twice a day


There’s any kind of interaction, any kind of mingling and mixing of whatever kind. If you’re in a crowd for too long, when you go home first thing you shower. You must do this. If it takes three, four, five, showers in a day, it doesn’t matter. There were times when I used to shower minimum five to seven times a day. Now it’s come down to maybe two definitely, sometimes three. Two is a must for you. More is good. Any kind of physical contact happens with somebody, a period of more than let’s say six minutes. If you’re even holding somebody’s hand, before you do yoga, it’s best that you have a shower. This is not a cleansing thing. We are not trying to clean the body, that’s not the point. It’s not because somebody’s impure you’re trying to clean your body. Yoga is a way of organizing your energies into an individual. So if any kind of transaction happen too much. If I come and sit in a program, I’m not even physically touching anybody, if I sit in a program for two, three hours, first thing is shower. Because just the interaction creates a certain amount of. The integrity of your energy becomes little loose. So at any time, first thing when you go home, shower. Shower need not mean soap, shampoo, this, that. A bucket full of water, boom. Just water flowing over, it purifies. How does water purify without washing and scrubbing? Not like that. You know, in nuclear reactors they’re using certain metals, particularly metals like titanium and even platinum and few other things. If they want to purify these metals, they want metals in the purest form. In the normal laboratory process, they can only purify to a certain point beyond that they’re not able to purify. So what they do is, you make a rod of this metal and make another ring. Just move it up and down without touching. Just do this, you will see the metals will get purified. So 72% of your body is water. You just throw water over this, there is a certain purification. Not about washing the dirt on your skin. That is anyway there, that’s a different thing. But a certain purification on a deeper level happens just allowing water to flow over you. Have you seen, suppose you are very tense on a particular day, when you go and stand under the shower, you don’t want to come out. You want to just stay there for some time. Those three minutes or five minutes in the shower hasn’t solved any problem in your life but when you come out it looks like it’s gone. You’re like born fresh, have you noticed this? You feel it’s all gone. Because all that’s happening is, this is largely two thirds of it is water. If just water flows on this, certain things will change.


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