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Young children remember their past lives!

Sadhguru answers a question on whether some children can remember their past lives, and the answer is sure to baffle you!

How come like a boy six years old, he can remember his last life? He can, he can tell who he is? Who’s his parent? And after a time he can forget everything?

Yes. How come he can remember? He should not remember. Nature has given you this cocoon of life, so that you do not remember. It has given you a protective wall, so that you do not remember. Because if you remember, you would become a far bigger mess than you are right now. See this few years of living here – 10, 20, 30, 60 years of living here – people are just struggling with the memories of their life, isn’t it? Yes? People have great struggles with these few years of memories. Suppose a few lifetimes of memory opened up. You know what a turmoil and struggle it would cause within you? So a six year old boy just by chance remembered something. It’s just, sometimes the systems in the nature fail, you know. Some data input mistake. It happens. Such a complex structure, sometimes you know, it happens. Little bit of mistake. The necessary protection was not created in a particular child. Even if they do, usually before they grow up, they then tend to forget. A lot of children below four years of age, clearly remember their past. But by the time they become four years of age it all dies out. After four years of age they get involved in this life, whatever is around them. Till they’re four years of age, it is possible in their minds the past could be just going on. I don’t know if you’re aware of this, in India for a variety of reasons they said this. They say – till the child is four years of age he belongs to God. Only after that he belongs to you. Because they’re saying, because he’s running with so many memories, he doesn’t belong to anybody at that time. After that once his memory goes off, he starts relating to everything around him in a deeper way. That’s when he begins to belong to you. At least he gives you an illusion that he belongs to you.


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