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What is the problem with our society?

Sadhguru in conversation with Julie Gichuru | Question 01

So, let me start with a deep one. You know I always like to look at my background and my cultures. And in so many ways I think I embody two different cultures. My father’s from, his family is from Kashmir, my mother’s family is Kenyan, African. I grew up in a family where, for all the girls in the house who went through this you will understand, you say something at the table and nobody notices you said it and five minutes later one of your brothers says it, and everybody says, “Oh what an intelligent thing!” How many ladies went through that growing up? I see a few hands. And you’re wondering, you know, am I not here? Am I not present? What’s going on? What is the problem with our society and our culture? And why do we hold women down so much?  


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