Duration: 8:22 min

Taking away others’ rights to get yours

Sadhguru in conversation with Julie Gichuru | Question 06

I want to take it a little bit deeper. And you know what’s interesting, Sadhguru, is that in Kenya a lot of people do vote. Right? We have very high, interestingly enough, we have high voter turnouts. 75%. Which is possibly in the world is one of the highest. So the problem we still have, and I want your comment on this, please Sadhguru, is the fact that for us, the vote almost has become so important that the next person’s rights become irrelevant. And what I want, how I want it. Hakeya chu, isn’t it? But not hakeya ko. Hakeya chu is my right, but we don’t say your rights too. We almost feel like we can trample on your rights to get ours. What do we in our society about this? How do we re-balance?  


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