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Sadhguru, why are you obsessed with Adiyogi?

Sadhguru in conversation with Kangana Ranaut | Question 10

We’ll move to your favourite topic. Now we move to Shiva. So Shiva is what I got from reading and doing my practices and spending time with you, Shiva is not somebody sitting up there and looking at us. Shiva is a dimension. It is, what they say in science, a black hole. Where nothing seems to be the origin of the universe. Where everything seems to be coming out of nothingness and swallowed into nothingness. That nothingness is Shiva. So anybody who accesses that dimension, if you access it you become Shiva. If I tap into that I can become Shiva. But, tell me, Adiyogi, the first yogi, was somebody who has access to that dimension. So why is it that you are obsessed with Adiyogi? Isn’t it like making it about the container and not the contained? Isn’t it like that? You only talk about Adiyogi. It’s like Adiyogi is the container.

Shiva The Adiyogi

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