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Gender bias in society

Sadhguru in conversation with Kiran Mazumdar Shaw | Question 02

You know, I want to raise a very important subject, which has always worried me a lot. And that is about the very, very serious gender-bias that we have in society, across the world but I want to focus on our own country. You know I just want to say that, let me tell you, as a woman, I’m very proud to be a woman in this country but, I think I know what this gender bias is about. Because right from the time I was born, I have seen this gender-bias in society. And I really want to discuss this with you Sadhguru ji because I really think it’s very important for me to, you know, understand from you about certain things that have always been of concern to me as a woman because I remember my mother telling me, when I was born, that my parents were overjoyed. My late grandmother, you know, that is my father’s mother, my late father’s mother, was deeply disappointed. The first child born in the family was a girl child. And my mother told me that she didn’t even come and visit me for a whole day. And yet, my grandmother, as I grew up, you know started respecting me and admiring me for some of the work I was doing. I remember when I came back from Australia, she looked up to me and she said, you know your father doesn’t have two sons and a daughter, he has three sons. So even in that, even though I was achieving so much, she saw that strength in me as being a male. As being a man in a, you know, woman’s body kind of thing. So I just feel this problem that we have in society is real. I mean, let’s not hide away from the fact, in Indian society, as much as we want to basically try and behave there is gender equity, there isn’t. There is a lot of gender bias. I know that we are a strange society. On one hand we, of course, revere goddesses as powerful goddesses. And yet we have wisdom and wealth as female gods. We have durga, kali as powerful iconic symbols. And yet, on earth, we don’t pay that same respect to women.


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