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How to deal with moral dilemmas?

Sadhguru in conversation with Kiran Mazumdar Shaw | Question 04

Lot of people go through moral dilemmas. Like you said, you know, don’t do this, you must do that. You have all these commandments. And sometimes I feel certain moral dilemmas are really, really very difficult moral dilemmas. For example, you know you talked about genetics. And if you think about today, young couples who have pregnancy tests and find out that the child has a genetic defect. When they discover that the baby has a genetic defect, then they are in this moral dilemma. This is quite a serious dilemma which a lot of young couples grapple with. For instance, some couples say that should we bring this child into the world because it will suffer for the rest of its life? They feel selfish and say, we will suffer for the rest of our life if we bring this child with a genetic defect into this world. And others feel, no, this is god’s wish that this child should be born. Now obviously there is no right or wrong in this, taking this decision. A lot of this moral dilemma comes from this feeling that if we do this, it is wrong, if we do that, it is right. They’re going by moral tenets of society. How does one figure this out, this moral dilemma? What is your advice to such young couples?


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