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Are genetically modified crops good or bad?

Sadhguru in conversation with Kiran Mazumdar Shaw | Question 05

Look, we actually embrace bio-technology when it comes to saving lives, when it comes to genetically engineered drugs which are saving cancer patients and many, many other types of patients who are suffering from debilitating diseases. And yet we have this huge activism against genetically modified crops, which is also saving lives, by the way. Because there is enough data and evidence to show that genetically modified crops never killed people, but hunger and starvation has taken many, many lives. And today if we have solutions to actually feed the hungry, feed the starving and we know that genetically modified crops can actually do a lot for our kind of country because you can have drought resistant crops, you can have crops that grow in salient conditions and you know, the marvels of this technology are many. But people are not willing to have a scientific debate, people are not willing to look at data, people are not willing to look at evidence. They always want to look at long-term, absolutely guaranteed, safety of a new technology. How do we deal with this? I want your suggestions on how we deal with these kinds of questions.


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