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How do we get a sense of civic-mindedness in our society?

Sadhguru in conversation with Kiran Mazumdar Shaw | Question 07

We’re all so bothered about the decay that we are seeing in the city. Everything is looking shabby, you know, we’re seeing debris all over the place, we’re seeing polluted lakes, we’re seeing a lot of problems in this city. And everything has to do with us. We can’t keep sort of asking the government to do everything. I mean, after all, if it’s Swachh Bharat which is what we’re all really, really committed to. We all sort of accepted the fact that by 2020 India must become a clean country, we must have zero open defecation. Everyone, I mean there’s no debate on that. And yet, three years later if you look at what actually we’re doing. We’re not changing our habits, we still keep chucking litter all over the place, we pollute our lakes. Nobody seems to have any civic sense in this country. So how do we get a sense of civic-mindedness in our society? It’s very difficult. Many of us try to do it but we finally give up. You know, today we are taking pictures of people parking on footpaths, which shouldn’t happen. We’ve tried all kinds of things, we made apps, we send it here, send it there. At the end of the day you almost just give up. How do we deal with all these issues?

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