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Is technology bringing discontentment?

Sadhguru in conversation with Kiran Mazumdar Shaw | Question 08

You talked about technology and we know that technology, of course, also raises aspirations. And I remember, we grew up at a time when we didn’t have phones, we didn't have televisions. We were very content with small things. We drove around in an ambassador car, we were lucky if we had a landline. And if we aspired for a telephone and we got a landline after three years, we were very happy and content. If we got a premium padmini after the ambassador, we were very content. But today things are so different. It’s a great transformation that we’re seeing in our country. You know, you can choose any model you want of cars, smartphones. And yet, we see that technology and aspirations are almost proportionate to discontentment. Do you feel it is true?

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