Duration: 4:04 min

Rapid Fire with Matthew Hayden

Sadhguru in conversation with Matthew Hayden | Question 05

  1. When I say to you what’s an anklebiter, what does that mean? 
  2. Faired income. What does faired income mean?
  3. Okay, we’ll go back to nature. What’s a gala? When I say, you’re nothing but a gala, what does that mean?
  4. When I say hot yaka. As an Australian term, we often refer to something as. I’ll say, yeah we’ll get it over line but she’s hot, real hot yaka, mate. What does that mean?
  5. If I say to you, Sadhguru, we’re just up here on the stage, we’re just going to chew the fat for a while. What does that mean?

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