Duration: 12:10 min

How do you design your destiny?

Sadhguru in conversation with Rakul Preet Singh | Question 03

Coming to intention, you know, you say that your thought is something that when you give it out to the universe. Like the law of attraction. So it just makes me curious about these things. When you say the law of attraction, where you ask, believe, and receive. Anything that is sent out to the universe in a positive direction or in a constant direction, happens. Because they say you design your destiny, you design your life. Like you just happened to say that your conscious efforts can have control over your life. Now, coming to intentions. Now what if someone is sending out positive signals, they want their life to be a certain way. Great. How does the law of attraction work? Does it really work? So what works? How do you design your destiny? Why do they say that you can design your own destiny?  

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