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What is the role of technology?

Sadhguru in conversation with Ranveer Singh | Question 06

I feel technology is constantly evolving. And I have a feeling that mobile phones have really changed the way we are. You know it’s having a huge bearing on pretty much everything. It’s permeating everything. Social media, mobile phones, this kind of technology. Like sometimes I wonder, were human beings ever meant to communicate like this? Like I could be hanging in a jungle in Africa talking to somebody who’s at the north pole. That kind of communication. I could face-time with them, now I can see their faces. But I’m saying I still have that capability thanks to technology. And with that now comes along social media. It’s really changing things, you know. And as, people who are, kids who are 18-19, are much more into it. They know how to use these things much better. Like I was born when there was landline, you know, so facetime is still a trip for me. So what is your take on mobile phone technology and social media? What is it doing? Is it the new evolution? Like, this is what human beings were and now we have a cell phone, that is the extension of us now.  

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