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Is the universe a dichotomy?

Sadhguru in conversation with Ranveer Singh | Question 08

This is not my time of the day. It’s really early in the morning, you know it’s my time to be plugged into the matrix, to be in the rat race, achieve, achieve, acquire, acquire. And then something happens to me after midnight, when the day is over I become very relaxed. And then I have these existential thoughts and I start thinking about other things. And this thing always fascinates me, I find the universe to be in some kind of dichotomy. I want you to explain that to me. I know you can elaborate on it because I’ve seen you talk for so long on YouTube. I know you’ll tell me something. You know, there’s always light, darkness, white, black, yes, no, life, death. There’s always, I always find the universe to be in some kind of dichotomy.   

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