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How should art be appreciated or criticized?

Sadhguru in conversation with Sabyasachi Mukherjee | Question 15

Namaskaram. My question is about art, mainly architecture and design, or even a painting. And how people perceive or achieve that purpose. In terms of describing a piece of art or a piece of work as good or bad. Whereas in art you should always differentiate between a subjective and an objective criticism about art. For example, there is a study about a beautiful sketch of Leonardo Da Vinci of an old man, with all the wrinkles and things. And most of the people, they hated the painting because it was really true. So, in reality, appreciating art is that the artist knew how to send you the message. And this also, I think, happens in fashion design or even in my field, interior architecture. Sometimes you have to give a statement on a certain topic or a certain project. So most people receive it in a very subjective way. So what do you think, Sadhguru? How to differentiate or how people should differentiate between appreciating art or criticizing art from a very objective way.

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