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How many clothes should one own?

Sadhguru in conversation with Sabyasachi Mukherjee | Question 17

Hello. Namaskaram. Hi, my name is Alex and I’m from Brazil. Sadhguru mentioned as a suggestion that everybody should have 10% of their wardrobe with handmade, organic clothes. So when we think about clothes, a lot of people open their wardrobes and say, I have nothing to wear. So, having that in mind, when we think about clothes, often it brings my mind to natural resources and raw materials. And the way we assemble it, brings us fashion. And fashion brings us to expression, art, as well as perception of egocentrism. So knowing that we are 7 billion in the world, how to balance consumerism, art and nature in a way that we keep this balance. So for both of you, what is your recommendation? How many clothes should a human being consume? How much should we buy to keep this balance positive in harmony with nature?


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