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How to be creative?

If you want to be creative in any field, you have to observe. The deepest possible observation will bring enormous vision.

If you want to be creative in any field you need to observe. Deepest possible observation will bring enormous vision. Well, here I am in Tennessee at iii, Isha institute of inner sciences. Ah! this is a massive project coming up, around 20,000 acres of land. We have committed to leave at least 70 percent of it – make it into forest lands, and only 30 percent we will build in the next few years. Hopefully six years time we should be able to accommodate around 30,000 people. The idea is to create a powerful spiritual space. We are seeing how to consecrate this entire land, so that living here will be a great blessing. Nice to be back here, been away for more than two and a half months, and all the people who are living here, they’re glad that I’m here. Well, we’ll be doing some interesting things in the next two months. Isha institute of inner sciences is a landmark in Tennessee, and working towards making this into an important landmark in United States, and in the Western hemisphere. While the work is on. Be a part of it in whichever way you can. Namaskaram.


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