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How to be GOOD?

Goodness is an assumed position. Joy is the real experience.

Goodness is an assumed position. Joy is a real experience. When we say, we are good, somewhere in our hearts, we’ve made somebody bad. If you are the only person on this planet, you would not know what is good and bad. Your idea of good would be just this – anything that sustains life, anything that supports and nurtures life, anything that enhances life, is good. Don’t change that perspective. Even today that is all it is. We are trying to articulate this with various values, morals, ideologies, stuff like that. But essentially, what supports life, nurtures life, enhances life, is the goodness of life. Because the only good thing out here is life, believe me. There’s really nothing else. Everything else is made up in your minds.


But joy is a real experience. And joy is a source of goodness in many ways, because joy is a kind of a flowering of life. When you’re joyful, have you seen how good you are, how wonderful you are to everything and everybody around you. When you have missed this joy, when you are in some way miserable, frustrated, angry, resentful, see how nasty you become. So, this is all there is. Instead of attending to the source, we are trying to fix the leaves. Not going to work like that. See, right now, fall time, all the leaves are down. Don’t be anxious, the roots are well nourished. The leaves are going back into the soil, nourishing the soil. The roots are well nourished. Right now it looks like end of the world, but come back in March-April, boom life is back again. So, this is how it is. If you are joyful, you will naturally do wonderful things, to yourself and to everybody around you. Trying to be good as a value is a heavily burdensome thing. People are doing this with great difficulty. It is not necessary to approach life like this. It’s very important that you become an exuberantly alive, and joyful human being. In this you will naturally be all-inclusive. Once you taste life the way it is, you’re naturally inclusive. Your inclusiveness is an insurance for your goodness. May you know the joy of your existence.

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