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How to live effortlessly?

Anything you do joyfully, is always effortless.

Anything that you do joyfully is always effortless. Effortlessness, does not mean you’re not doing anything. Effortlessness means, even if you’re active 24 hours of the day, at the end of the day you still feel like you’ve done nothing. This is effortlessness. This has been my life, and the life of many people around me. That our average life is anywhere between 18 to 20 hours a day, 365 days, seven days of the week, we are on and on and on. But because we are joyful, we don’t find it stressful. It’s quite effortless. There is a lot of work, both physical, mental, emotional and energetic work, all the time happening here. But the yoga center is a joyful place, because of that, activity seems effortless. You must bring this into your life, because if activity becomes effortful, if activity is bereft of joy, then you find it becomes burdensome. And in turn, life becomes burdensome. And the most tragic part of this is, you will not do many things that you could do.


As I’ve said many times, if you do not do what you cannot do there is no problem, if you do not do what you can do, that’s a disastrous life. And that is what will happen when you’re bereft of joy. When life becomes very effortful, you will not do many things that you could do. It is my wish and my blessing, your life should be in such a way that you are never the impediment. The moment you are joyless, you will become the biggest problem in your own life. You become the greatest obstacle in your own life. Joyfulness removes all obstacles. You will do everything that you can do. It is my wish and my blessing, you should be able to do all that you can do, finding full expression to your life.


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