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Keep an account of your growth

It is best to keep account of your own growth everyday. Are you getting better, more joyful, more sensible.

It’s best to keep an account of your own growth every day. Are you better, are you more joyful, are you more sensible, you must keep accounts of this. Otherwise, one day, if you check uh your account books once in 10 years, then you may find, you’re physically not very well. And the wonderful child that you might have been today have become a morose and depressed and full of complaints kind of person. See right now how do we check the health of this plant? How many flowers can it bear, isn’t it? The same thing. Are you blossoming into a wonderful possibility or not? It is not something that you check once in a year, or once in a decade, or a century. No. Every day. Every moment would be good. If that’s not possible for you, at least at the end of the day, you must check. Today have I been better than yesterday. You owe this to yourself.

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