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The root cause of damage to the environment

The damage we cause to the environment is a consequence of how we are within ourselves. If we realize that maintaining our inner climate is in our hands, we will understand that taking action for the environment is also in our hands.

Damage that we cause to the environment is very much in line with how we are within ourselves. If we understand that we can create the inner climate that we want, we will also know that we can take action to correct the environmental damages that have happened, and maintain the external climate. Today climate change, environmental damage and degradation have become prime aspects of our life. That, if we are approaching life with the intent that not just us, but generations that come after us should live well here, if we have that concern in our heart, if we have some love for our children, and their children, the unborn that we have not seen, if we have some love and concern for them, then being concerned about the ecological situation is very relevant. An action in that direction is very urgent as the disasters or possible disasters are quite imminent. Acting now is very important.


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