Duration: 1:46:03 min

Sadhguru @ Christ University

Sadhguru was at Christ University, Bengaluru on 21 February, 2019. Interacting with students during a lively QnA session, Sadhguru brought clarity and offered refreshing perspectives on various issues relevant to youth. Q1: How do we youth balance between rights and responsibilities? Q2: How to I build my self-esteem? Q3: I find no purpose in studying. What else to do? Q4: I feel worn out, with no interest & enthusiasm in life. What to do? Q5: How to help someone who is suicidal? Q6: In our busy schedule, how to make time for yoga? Q7: Is euthanasia ok? Q8: With complicated instruments of body & mind, how can one live a simple life? Q9: Is it alright to be ordinary? Q10: What is the right age for boyfriend / girlfriend? Q11: Adiyogi is referred as both self-born, and unborn - isn't this contradictory? Q12: How to make right decisions? Q13: How to accept truth even when it is hard? Q14: What are your views on present day art? Q15: Aren't sadness, grief, guilt, anger emotions that we learn from & grow?