Duration: 1:42:54 min

Sadhguru @ Columbia University

Columbia University (also known as Columbia, and officially as Columbia University in the City of New York) is a private Ivy League research university in New York City. Established in 1754 as King's College on the grounds of Trinity Church in Manhattan, Columbia is the oldest institution of higher education in New York and the fifth-oldest institution of higher learning in the United States. As part of 'Youth and Truth' initiative, watch the vibrant QnA session as Sadhguru answered student's questions on a wide range of topics. Q1: How do we find purpose in this world? Q2: Why is the pursuit of happiness so elusive? Q3: How can we bring people together in such a divided world? Q4: As business leaders, what role can we play to unite this world? Q5: Do you see religion playing a role in justice? Q6: What are the tenets of a yogic diet? Q7: Why is drug consumption on the rise? Q8: How do you reconcile conflict between your own and your loved ones goals? Q9: How do you work towards your passions without losing sight of your goal? Q10: Why is there so much disparity & strife in the world? Q11: How can we expand our identities to help less privileged people? Q12: What advice do you give to someone who has healing powers and can help people? Q13: If I detach from my biological identity, where do I start if I want to help?