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How do we know what’s most important?

Sadhguru @ Columbia University | Question 02

So, on the note of purpose, one thing that I think that I’m constantly chasing is, and I would say I don’t know when I’ve reached it, the pursuit of happiness. I think everyone in this room at some point, maybe now you’re asking yourself, or if you ask yourself like have you reached your pursuit of happiness in kind of understanding why it can be elusive? For me, happiness is, like I think of my family because they’re such a critical piece to my love and happiness. But oftentimes I feel like I lose sight of it. When I’m in this room, when I’m at Columbia Business School, when I’m at work. Because I’m trying to get to that next level, ultimately to help my family. But, how do we keep track of what’s most important? And that purpose for me being my family, and the pursuit of happiness.  

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