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Isn’t your response to Q4 & Q5 contradictory?

Sadhguru @ Harvard University | Question 08

Sadhguru, your thoughts, I would say, or I would say your answers about the questions on pregnancy [...]. Your thoughts on whether women should bear children, or not bear children, and the choice thereof was a beautiful answer [...]. And, your answer about rapes, or increasing cases of rapes, or them being a sort of a social crime but also there is an association of pride etc, that was the question. And both the answers in and of themselves were honest answers, but together is it possible that there was in your two answers, perhaps an unconscious bias or double standard, because in the answer to pregnancy you said, 'oh, it is just your primal instinct, a biological need for you to care about a certain person. You should grow beyond it'. And, in your answer about rape, 'Oh, humans have [...]. Is it possible that in these two answers there is perhaps a subconscious bias? Or am I reading it wrong? Those two answers to me seem like - 'oh, this is biological let it go, oh this is biological, it won’t go.'

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