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How to remain neutral in political situations?

Sadhguru @ JNU | Question 02

Sadhguru, the next question is, you know JNU is a very, politically, vibrant campus. And it is impossible, or impractical, to be apolitical on this campus. One way or the other, we are labelled to a particular ideology. Right, left, centre. I’ll give you an example. When I came to this campus, I did not get my hostel immediately so a student activist came to me, he told me to come to his room and I went to his room. When I went there, I saw that there are 7 students already living in his tiny room. So I refused to stay there and I stayed outside the campus. But there is a large section of MA and BA students who stay there. And since they are staying there, it is an obligation to participate in political activities and all. So, if they participate in a political activity, they are labelled to have a particular political ideology. Second example, whenever we give a particular opinion, maybe on campus issues, or national issues, or international issues, we are labelled to have a particular ideology. My question to you, Sadhguru, how can a student remain neutral or free thinking?

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