Duration: 9:45 min

Is it better to be selfish or selfless in this world?

Sadhguru @ Shiv Nadar University | Question 03

I consider myself very against littering. So what I do is, I generally take all my trash and I put it in my bag. At the end of the day I go to the trash can and I dump it there. And it hurts me when I see someone else littering. In this case, I’m taking a selfless effort to make the world a better place. And that effort is made worthless because of one selfish person. Or on a more personal note, I’ve always placed my friends and their needs in front of my own. And this leads to people trying to take advantage of me or trying to take me for granted. So my question is this, in this world, where the world is going right now, is it better to be selfish or is it better to be selfless?


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