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How can we fix the problem of water crisis?

Sadhguru @ Shiv Nadar University | Question 04

So Sadhguru, speaking of Chennai and change. All of us here are undergoing one of the biggest changes in our lives. Because up until now, we haven’t really faced the shortage of a basic necessity, that is like, water, or food, or shelter. But now Chennai is facing one of the biggest water crises, I think in history. Where they predict in 10 years the city’s going to be dry and there won’t be any water left. The water crisis is something that you’ve been tackling with Cauvery Calling. So, as the youth of this generation, and as engineers in particular, how can we fix this problem immediately so that we don’t have to wait 10 years for the city to dry up? What can we do to solve it?

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