Duration: 8:13 min

How can wars be stopped?

Sadhguru @ University of Michigan | Question 10

My question is about India. India currently is a shining star on the global map, its economy is thriving, people are flourishing. All things are great, and going good. And in the last four and a half years, we’ve seen a serious government which is taking us into this development path. But my question is about this gruesome, you know, horrible act that happened yesterday at Kashmir. And we saw 40+ javaans killed. So, I don’t know what’s the psyche of these people who can get into a car of 300 kgs of ammunition and, you know, just blast. My question is, how can the government do decisively, to solve this at the bottom. The second part to it is, I know it happens periodically, but the psyche of these people. How can it be changed? Can we ever imagine Inner Engineering in Pakistan, without being killed? Without having the fear of being killed.  


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