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How do you perceive consumption of intoxicants?

Sadhguru @ NALSAR | Question 11

Question: Sadhguru, in one of your uploads on YouTube, you speak on an experience where you have consumed the Cobra venom. And, you describe this experience as something where one part of your self felt like you are in a state of slumber, while the other part of you felt like you were in a higher level of brightness. So, how do you perceive the use of other natural intoxicants, such as Weed, or Bhang, which take you to the same level of higher consciousness? But, the only difference lies in the means that are adopted in reaching that higher level of consciousness. So, why has the consumption of Weed in India remained a stigmatized subject? And, fortunately for us, we have senior minister in the Narendara Modi cabinet, Mrs Maneka Gandhi, who has come out in support of legalization of Marijuana. Could you also tell is what your take is? Weather or not Marijuana should be decriminalized, given that there is enough evidence to suggest that there is medical benefit associated with the consumption of Marijuana.

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