Duration: 15:58 min

How to deal with stress, and find internal happiness?

Sadhguru @ University of Toronto | Question 03

So, Sadhguru going back to what you were saying that you need to be part of the solution, and going back to what Daniel was saying that mental health is such a problem here. At UofT, we are constantly challenged by new ideas, by some of the greatest minds in the world. And, in such a competitive environment, which I sometime describe as a roller-coster ride we got onto, knowingly or unknowingly. I find myself, and a lot of people in the audience would echo to this, that I’m juggling between dealing with stress and finding internal happiness. I want to understand how do you live in the moment. How do I cherish my victories or my failures, before I move on to the next task in life?  

Mental Health

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