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How to love unconditionally & Healthily?

Sadhguru @ University of Toronto | Question 04

So, the next topic that the question sort of revolves around is love and relationships, which I know a lot of young people, a lot of students, not even just young people, adults even - it's everyone. At the some point in their life, hopefully. So, love is like a universal topic. It's in movies, songs. It seems like such a basic component of life, yet it's really hard for us to define it. It's really hard for us to truly know when we are in love, to truly know if it's the right kind of love, if it actually is love. If it's just infatuation. If you feel really strongly, it must be love. Because, you can't get them out of your head. So, this can be - and maybe that's just me as a young person. But, ya, so love can be very, a very big topic. So, the question that we’ve sourced from the UofT community is, what does it mean to love someone, both unconditionally and healthily?  


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